By Boaz Moskowitz

The establishment of the state of Israel did not solve the problem of anti-Semitic deceit. Today, as in the past, libels of murder are the most fixed basis for constructing the negation of the rights of Jews to their land, a state, freedom and defense against violence. Today, as in the past, Jews that are so converted (this time not to Christianity but to the religion of the narcissistic media, but no matter) are raising the flag of the lie and the libel.

Only recently a report was published of the killing of three children by an Israeli shell that was aimed at the terrorists firing rockets. In light of the flood of fabricated stories from the Palestinian Authority about children that were killed by the IDF, as it were, there was no basis to rush and believe this report before a proper investigation that will verify or refute it. However, also this time, there was no proper investigation and the media broadcast the report without verification and without reservation. At the same time the Arab media reported that an Israeli shell was aimed at a group of children.

The new lie quickly spread its wings and joined the thousand and one blood libels that are born every day ? again the leprous pits are spewing poison in every direction: "Israel is a criminal apartheid country!", as if they really know what apartheid is and as if this statement does not harm only Israel with unjust force but also the real victims of apartheid.

Against the background of this Kafkaesque reality, in light of the humiliating impotence of the government, that refuses to say loudly "enough lies!", the activity of those few who struggle on behalf of purifying history and current events polluted by anti-Semitism particularly stands out.

Therefore, when I was asked by a friend, who I would choose as the outstanding man of the year I answered, this is Uri Milstein who achieved something particularly impressive: publication of a book that completely refutes the libel of a "massacre" in Deir Yassin ? the libel that was invented by the Jewish left wing and has represented the basis for the modern narrative of "the crime of the Jews".

Dr. Milstein has numerous qualifications, which if he were prepared to compromise with his conscience, he could reach high ranks of positions, honors and salary. But insofar as the truth and research are more important to him, the frightened academic leaders, smaller than he in qualification and intellectual honesty and lacking the ability to cope with him, have deprived him again and again of work and livelihood, according to the university tradition that is subordinate to the corrupt anti-democratic elites.

I hope that this year the number of people that adopt him as an outstanding man will grow and that they will read his books. This is the necessary minimum that is possible against the crime of anti-Semitism.

Happy New Year

Translation by yonatan silverman

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